Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Judson's Fifth Birthday...

...three months late.  Boo.  But I do want to get it documented on here, so better late than never.

Judson's birthday was on a Friday this year, which meant he got to celebrate with his friends at school on the actual day.  He got to bring treats.  He chose ice cream sandwiches (and we brought popsicles, too), which made it VERY easy on me.

We went out for pizza for dinner.  My parents and Anna and the kids were supposed to meet us there, but got held up in traffic.  They did make it to the party, though.  We decided to do it at a fun place called Super Bounce.  With Darla living with us and our house being small (and Bridgett and Phil having five kids living with them), I just couldn't bear the thought of trying to do something here.  Super Bounce was perfect!  The kids had a blast and completely wore themselves out and I only had to worry about the cake.  Judson chose an ice cream cake, since we couldn't bring ice cream in separately.  I basically just spread the ice cream between two layers of chocolate cake.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it was great!  Nate decorated it for me, which was also great.  We were worried about it staying frozen until the end of the party so we bought dry ice.  I had Nate pick it up and he bought probably ten times the recommended amount.  No joke.  It was so frozen so hard in places that I couldn't even cut through it.  :)

We had a very full, fun day celebrating our big guy.  He loved every minute of it!

The decorations at Friday School

Judson and Mrs. Stillinger

His favorite friend, Ryder, was missing that day.  Cooper is closest (in pink).

Sharing the "All About Me" poster that he made

Not a great picture, but the only one I took.  Porter just happily sat on the floor.

Monster truck cake

Friends and family who helped us celebrate

Grandma Darla (in red)

Jonah, Max, Logan, Campbell, Emmitt, and Greyson

Done jumping and waiting to go into the party room.

Look how red and sweaty the birthday boy got!  (Rowland in orange.  The four kids behind Judson are Phil and Bridgett's.)

Gift-opening was CRAZY.

I never even took a picture of Judson by himself.  They'd made a cute sign for him, but it was erased when I took him out for a picture with it.  Darn.  Here he is with his friend from church, Jonah.

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Joani said...

I'm not surprised at all that Nate bought 10xthe recommended amount of dry ice! Miss you guys...need to get together SOON!